Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hope Times Four

Since our outreach at the University of New Mexico was cancelled, we had an opening in our schedule. This of course was an opportunity to our New Mexico "agent" Mark, who has worked tirelessly to organize over 20 UniShow events these past few weeks.  While we were loading equipment into the community center for our UniShow event Friday afternoon, Mark was on the phone to Hope Christian School in Albuquerque booking two assemblies for Monday morning. "No rest for the righteous." He tells us.

So Monday morning, March 27th, we arrived at Hope Christian School at 6am to set up for two back to back assemblies for 900 junior and senior high schoolers.   

The chaplain said, "Our students, 6th - 12th grade were captivated by the skills Dustin displayed. He was engaging and urged our students to live for Christ. Excellent chapel services."

The Hope Elementary assistant principal came to check out the upper class assemblies.  She must have liked what she saw since she booked us for 2 more assemblies for elementary students the following day.  

Tuesday we were back at Hope Christian School at 6am.  The elementary gym was much smaller and only half of the 600 students fit at a time.  We presented two UniShow assemblies for enthusiastic and attentive students.  Even teachers told us that they, as well as the students, were inspired and encouraged.


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