Monday, July 14, 2008

Your Storyline in God's hands at Camp Rivercrest

We had a great week with 5th and 6th graders at Camp Rivercrest in Fremont, Nebraska. It is amazing what fun can be created for campers in the middle of cornfields. In between great meals and chapels and observing disgusting camp games, we took in some of the fun camp activities of mini bikes, BMX bikes, the flying squirrel, zip line and look out tower. Dustin even rode his unicycle on a log 30 feet in the air on the high ropes course, to the amazement of all!

Dustin spoke all week on the theme of Storyline: your life in God’s hands. He challenged campers to follow God as their Producer and parents as their Directors; to think wisely about what friends they let influence them when Choosing the Cast; how to Rewrite the Script by surrendering their lives to Jesus; how to Ignore the Critics by listening to God’s voice; and On Location, how to live the best life God has for them. They all wrote their “garbage” on paper that was put into a box which Dustin threw into the campfire one night. The campers cheered and clapped as they watched their “sins” go up in flames and disappear as permanently as God’s forgiveness for the sins we confess. Many responded to the gospel invitation and asked Jesus into their lives. It was exciting to see and we pray they continue to live their lives in God’s hands.

A few of the counselors were unicyclists themselves and many others were inspired to master the art throughout the week. Please pray for Dan, one of the young camp workers who just found out that his dad has cancer and only a few weeks to live. God can use this sobering time to draw many closer to Him.

Ride the Lobster Baby!

Dustin, Josh and Scott comprised Team #33 for the first of it's kind Ride the Lobster, the "Tour de France of Unicycling." This epic 800 kilometer, 5 day stage race across Nova Scotia was not for the faint of heart. 35 three person teams competed, each riding around 200 kilometers per day. One day was individual time trials and a criterion. Dustin placed 27 out of 105 riders, Josh placed 30 and Scott placed 95. Scott was the oldest rider in RTL but not quite the slowest. Over all, Team placed 24.
Jody, Scott's wife, was the detail support for the team and Katie, Dustin's wife, was the team driver.

Over all it was an incredible experience and a blast to participate in. Nova Scotia is truly a beautiful province and their lobsters are plenty. We ate lobster once and declined many more offers...once was enough!

See for more details and the exact route taken. See the blog for more posts and photos.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Introducing: TACO Impact Tour in Turkey and Azerbaijan

We had the privilege of serving in Turkey and Azerbaijan with the following people. The fun mix of people, personalities and cultures kept things lively! Click play to hear hear their personal interview.
If you are not able to view all 28 interviews via the posted video you can click here to see them all.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome to UniShow World

Welcome friends, family, fans, faithful supporters, furry creatures and fellow mankind! We welcome you to the new blogging of UniShow. We hope to keep the public updated with the comings and goings of God working in and through this ministry. Should be fun so hang on for the ride!