Thursday, March 13, 2014

Youth Festival in North Africa

It was such a privilege to partner with local churches for their 6th annual youth festival on the Mediterranean.  This festival has nearly doubled each year, starting with 150 students in attendance, reaching over 3,000 this year.  Hundreds of students volunteered to make this event happen, staying up all night to set up and prepare.  We were humbled to serve along side so many who want to reach their country with God's love.

The UniShow was one of many stations for attendees to enjoy and hear a message of how God can change lives.  Dustin had volunteers try out a unicycle, ride on his shoulders and lay down to be jumped over by him on the unicycle.  A very loud and enthusiastic MC cheered Dustin on and hyped the crowd throughout each of his programs.  After each show, we had the privilege of praying with people for God to meet their needs and shared more about the message of hope they had just heard.  We also had to smile for many pictures which will hopefully be a reminder beyond the weekend of God's great love.

Thanks for praying with us for each person who attended this festival that God would continue the work He began in their hearts.