Monday, August 30, 2010

Diyarbakir Province- Turkey

From Mersin, we headed east to Diyarbakir. We stayed for several days in the local church right across the alley from a 1st Century BC ancient Orthodox Church. Our first show in the area was in Hazro. We started the show with fireworks and had a good crowd. Many DVD's with a powerful message were distributed and we know that God touched hearts in young and old alike!

In Diyarbakir we performed 2 nights in a community park plaza. These were tough shows with a very enthusiastic audience. The police were very helpful creating rope and physical barriers. Our second show was especially challenging with people from the crowd continually throwing water bottles and caps, soda cans, keys, metal game pieces, pebbles, dirt and fireworks onto the stage (no rotten tomatoes!). In spite of the opposition from a small part of the audience, we received many surveys after each show with people wanting more information about the message of Hope we shared.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Truckin' along in Turkey

Our Turkey tour has continued east. After Kusadasi, we parked in Antalya for several days. It was cooking here with temps well over 100F (40C). God blessed us with AC and a pool at our nice accommodations. We stayed and performed in the old city near the harbor where Paul and Barnabas sailed from to Antioch. (Acts. 14:25-26).

We performed 2 nights during Antalya's Ramadan Festival at a seaside park. We had a very enthusiastic and loyal crowd who even silenced a protester who shouted that we had no right to come during Ramadan and tell them how to know God better. The rest of the crowd said he was acting shamefully and cheered for us to continue our program. After the events we had many meaningful talks with people wanting to know more of our message of Love, Hope and Life.

We traveled 11.5 hours from Antalya straight to Atatürk Park in Mersin. Though hot and tired, we did 2 simple shows by the seaside, working alongside a handful of local believers. We connected with many in the audience for future follow-up.

God is at work in exciting ways. Thanks for partnering with us.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the road again in Turkey

We left Istanbul Turkey and headed south. Our first shows were in a plaza outside the largest shopping mall in Bursa (population 2.5 million).We had 2 great shows, very well attended and our trial run of the different performance elements (music, dance, drama, unicycling and fire poi) flowed surprisingly well. We had lots of good talks with people after each show and got contact info for follow-up from many more.

Next we performed in Izmir , in a park, on top of a fountain. The fountain had just been turned off so it took us a while to dry it with fans, brooms and squeegees. It turned out to be a nice venue even though we were still surrounded by water and had a water and pipe filled hole in the middle of the stage.

The touristy city of Kusadasi was our next stop with a 10p show on the seaside at the Peace and Friendship Square. Dustin shared that because of God's love for us we can have a friendship with Him that will bring peace to our lives.

We have been challenged on this tour to make the most of every opportunity to share Christ. Thus, at a gas station enroute to Antalya, Dustin pulled out a unicycle and did a demonstration for the employees and we gave them Dustin's cards with his testimony written in Turkish.

Thanks for praying with us during this journey. God is at work and we are humbled to be part of it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aqua Club Dolphin

We arrived in Istanbul Turkey on August 11th just in time to eat, sleep and assemble unicycles before heading 2+ hours across town to the Aqua Club Dolphin water park for shows on Thursday and Saturday. After the dolphin show finished we cranked up our music and took the stage.  Dustin rode and shared Jesus with the swimmers. Surveys were handed out and we received many requests for more information about what we had shared. This venue was a treat because after sweating in the hot sun both afternoons, we too were able to dive in and enjoy the pools and water slides. Good times all around!