Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow, Sub Zero Temps and Zero Wheel Bearings Won't Stop Us.

After digging our van out of 10* inches of snow for 45 minutes in our Minneapolis driveway, we found the only freeway ramps in town that were open and finally headed west; out of the blizzard in Minnesota and into the -10 to -20f temps of North Dakota.  A trailer wheel bearing issue in Billings Montana caused us to lose a day of planned travel and forced an all-nighter of driving. 

But praise the Lord, we made it to the first event on our West Coast tour in Tacoma Washington with Coyote One Wheelers unicycle club.  Dustin did a demo and shared a message with riders and parents after their club practice.  Students were inspired by the variety and level of Dustin’s skills and were challenged with broadened horizons of what can be done on a unicycle.  We enjoyed connecting with this encouraging community.

Our next and lengthier stop was in the little fishing town of Westport WA.  Here we did an outreach for a local youth group where at least 3 students gave their lives to Christ!  We did a school assembly for 350 enthusiastic elementary students and an evening community event where hundreds of dollars and much caned food were collected for needy people.  Dustin also joined the 50 riders in the school unicycle club, signing helmets, unicycles, shirts and shoes and giving students riding tips and a helping hand as they practiced.  It was a privilege to partner with caring leaders in this town who desire to share hope and love with the students, many of whom face challenging circumstances.

* the storm dumped 20 inches of snow by the time it was over.

Volunteers to show us how to ride unicycles.

This is my Big Wheel.

Ocosta Elementary School Assembly.

Some ramp riding on the X-Deck Platforms.

Dustin's unicycle has a fan.