Sunday, July 21, 2013

Regeneration 2013 Recap

It was a great 10 days of outreach at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.  We got to perform with and meet so many people from around the world and share the hope and love of God with thousands.  We saw some choose to follow God with their lives and prayed with many others.

On the flight from Paris to Geneva we sat by and visited with a doctor who does medical missions around the world.  He came to our performance in Montreux one evening and even volunteered for Dustin to jump over.  He then returned the next day to take us out for dinner.  A neat connection along the way.

Dustin talked to one couple who were lacking in their faith and God had used his words in the show to stir them up and help get them back on track.  We bonded with a family who came regularly to our evening shows and got to pray with them for God to reveal His truth and life to them.  Katie shared Jesus with a girl from Hungary who wanted to give her life to Him.

It was amazing to see many people came back to watch our entire show night after night.  They knew the message we were sharing and kept coming back for more.  It was the light, love and fragrance of God that drew them to our area.  We pray that God waters the many seeds planted and a great harvest is reaped over time as people process what they heard.

Please pray with us for God to continue to reveal his great Love to each person who heard about Him through these outreaches!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Regeneration at the 47th Montreux Jazz Festival

We’ve been welcomed back to the YWAM base for Regeneration Outreach with wide open arms.  It’s almost like coming back to family and seems like well more than our fourth time partnering with these kindred spirits.  It is a privilege to serve with so many amazing people who know what matters in life and are passionate about sharing God’s love. 

Switzerland is an amazing place and we love it here!  The water, the air, streets, cars, vineyard covered hillsides, homes from quaint to fancy, even the sky is clean and fresh and nearly sparkles.  We know, however, that though things look spotless on the outside, there are many, many dark and broken hearts in need of Spiritual renovation. 

We are doing outreaches each evening by Lake Geneva at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  We are about 60 people from 15 countries.  There is a music/dance/drama team from South Korea, a Brazilian band including Korean and Polish musicians, Swiss dancers, and one crazy amazing unicyclist!  In between acts, games are played with audience participation like jump roping and limbo, a kids team paints faces and makes balloon animals, and iced tea and cookies are handed out to refresh weary festival goers.  Pray with us that God will use all of this to Regenerate people, show them His love and bring them into a relationship with their Creator that we were all made for!