Tuesday, April 16, 2019

UniShow Universe at the University of LeTourneau

What an honor to present the UniShow at LeTourneau University for the second year in a row! The beautiful, state-of-the-art Belcher Center was packed for this all school chapel.

Students were very responsive and we had a great time. Afterward, the director of Fine Arts was highly complimentary about our presentation and message delivery. Katie and Misun even had students wanting to know how to get their costumes.

Here's our new promo video where most of the footage came from our event at LeTourneau:  https://youtu.be/zYBwl4c4ULg

UniShow Universe Launches in Florida

Down the road at First Baptist Church of Belleview Florida, we presented a community outreach event. There was a great turnout for this UniShow Universe Spectacular and we received much encouraging feedback afterward about the creative delivery of testimonies and the Gospel.

This church has a serious follow-up program and will be contacting each person who indicated a response to the Gospel invitation.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Rewarding Reading Indians

We had the privilege of helping students at Popp's Ferry Elementary in Biloxi Mississippi celebrate their great accomplishments! We presented two UniShow assemblies, one for K-2 and the other for 3-4 graders who had reached their reading goals. Teachers had kept it a surprise and it was fun to hear student's excited comments as they walked into the room.


Afterward kids said they loved David's "slick moves" and Misun's "electric guitar"! :)  Also, two girls told Misun they were so inspired by her violin playing that they now want to work hard to excel at piano playing.

Administrators told us our event was a great blend of entertainment and inspiration and will definitely motivate students who were not able to attend, to work harder next time to reach their reading goals. We received an open invitation to return to present at this school in the future.

Way to go Indians! Keep on reading and never give up!