Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carrying the Torch in Kosovo

Though we've only been away from Minnesota and on tour 10 days, we feel like we've come back home.  We flew into Istanbul August 21 and stayed one night before traveling overnight by bus through Bulgaria and Macedonia to Kosovo.  God got us through all the border crossings without incident, though Dustin had to juggle at 4am for the stern Macedonian officials to prove he could use his equipment.  They almost smiled.

We've had 6 events so far around Kosovo, unicycling, dancing and using fire poi to share the love of God!  Our team of 8 from Switzerland, Denmark, USA and Kosovo has been very unified and God has blended all our abilities well to serve Him.

We are very sensitive about how we are sharing the Message here.  We have had great, responsive, interested crowds though we have heard from them that it is a difficult message to hear.  Katie even had a chance to share with an Imam after an event.

Thanks for praying for seeds of truth to take root and crumble barriers.  Please also pray for sound equipment issues we've been having during the performances.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shoulder to Shoulder in Peru

The last week of July was spent in Lima Peru with 205 others from Grace Church.  We worked "hombro a hombro" with hundreds from our sister church in Callao.  We did 19 presentations for nearly 13,000 Peruvians and a few dogs.  Throughout the week we saw nearly 4,000 choose to follow Jesus for the first time!  It was an exciting week ministering in parks, shopping malls, streets, schools, a rehabilitation center and parade.  It was special to reunite with friends made during our previous 4 visits to Peru and special to make new ones.  They are such gracious, joyful, loving people and it was a privilege to serve with them again!

Other points of interest include eating cow heart and stomach, and Dustin lighting his face on fire while fire breathing during a show.  He was told afterward not to take literally the saying, "he's so on fire for Jesus that people come for miles just to watch him burn"!  It sure worked as an attention grabber and he proceeded to share the powerful Gospel message and ride and juggle on his 10 ft. unicycle to complete the show.  

Click here for photos, videos and updates of the outreach.  Thanks for praying with us for these new believers in Jesus that they will get plugged into the Callao Church and become fully devoted followers of Christ!

Gracias for the unicycles!

As a result of our past visits to Peru, several unicyclists are now there who have put together unicycles with scrap bike parts. Unicycle.com and Quality Bike Products generously donated parts with which we were able to build many complete unicycles to leave for a blossoming new unicycle outreach. As a result, many Peruvian kids will be able to learn to ride a unicycle who otherwise wouldn't have this opportunity. We were able to leave many extra parts for them to use for more unicycles in the future, as well. It was neat to see the kids get excited about trying out these new unicycles.