Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Introduction to OM TeenStreet

After our traditional all-nighter of packing, we hit the airport again to head back to Europe. We flew from Minneapolis through Reykjavik, Iceland to Frankfurt, Germany, drove 2 hours to Offenburg where we are now, preparing for 8 days of an Operation Mobilization Youth Conference called TeenStreet. The students get here on Saturday so we have a day to prepare and get over jet lag before the real craze begins and the population increases by 3,500.

After we were dropped off with our luggage in the big empty convention center, it took us a while to find someone who was expecting us. Once we found the right people we were quickly welcomed and directed. We are all settled at our accommodations in cubical #21, set up back stage of the main hall. Should be an interesting and great week ahead!

We even had time today for a coffee break with some of the leaders who are camping on the grounds. We had cake and Dustin and I ate it in honor of my mother's birthday, today! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rapidly Rushing

We joined the YMCA, First Assembly and other churches in Rapid City SD for a community party at Star Village. The UniShow along with inflatables, face painting and free dinner drew many from the neighborhood. It was fun to partner again with our friend Shawn Hayford who works with the YMCA and runs the unicycle club.

We felt much spiritual opposition as Dustin shared the Gospel in this community known for strong gang presence. He had an unusually up front and personal audience with children spontaneously sharing the "stage" throughout the performance. In the toasty heat of this summer evening, many families heard the truth that we are all sinners in need of forgiveness that God freely offers to those who believe in Him.

Before heading home we decided to be tourists for a day and swing by Mt. Rushmore. We were struck all over again by the powerful history represented in this great and impressive monument. Pretty amazing stuff!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let the Sonshine

On the last day of Sonshine Music Festival in Willmar MN, we did two performances of the UniShow. It was an unusually cold, overcast July day, but the rain held off and the crowds were drawn. Over the earthshaking beat of bands rockin' at other stages, Dustin boldly shared Christ and challenged Christians to use what they have to serve and surrender ALL to God.

People said they thought they were just going to be entertained but were surprised to hear a great message, as well.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sights from Switzerland, Updates from Spain

It was wonderful to partner with our new YWAM friends at the Montreux Jazz Festival for these 12 events. The YWAM tent has quite a reputation here at the festival and many annual attenders come year after year to watch the quality entertainment and receive seeds of the Gospel. We heard of one man who learned about Jesus from the YWAM team at the Festival one year. It stuck with him and he thought about it all year. He came back the following year and gave his life to Christ! We have no idea how God is at work!

Dustin had several meaningful conversations with Nasar from Oman, pictured here. He is in our prayers!

Our last night in Switzerland ended quite spectacularly with a thunder and lightening show while Dustin was finishing up on the 10 footer, followed by a gigantic, nearly frightening hail storm as we madly packed up and headed for cover.

We got a report from the group we worked with in Baeza Spain that ten people have prayed to received Christ through the events of the Bible Festival and they have over 100 addresses for follow up. This town of 16,000 people which had no Christians at the beginning of July, now has a handful of baby believers in Jesus and we pray a church will come from this fruit. Please continue to pray for all these new believers and for those who heard the truth but have yet to respond!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Switzerland - Jazz and Unicycles

Our ministry at the 27th annual Montreux Jazz Festival continues. We have had a great stay at the very first YWAM base ever established and have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with the team here.

We have one more night of outreach before we pack up and fly back home tomorrow morning. Each evening Dustin has drawn large crowds during his 2 or 3 shows. Though the audience is fluid, most people have stayed to listen to Dustin's testimony and the gospel he shares in between his riding. We know many seeds are being planted and God's Word will not return void. We have had many great conversations with people after the shows with people searching for the truth. We pray that God will keep working in thier lives until they surrender to Him!

Even when Dustin is not performing and all the unicycles are lined up, it is amazing how many people will stop and look at them and take pictures. This gives us the opportunity to talk with them and give them a card with Dustin's picture and testimony.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spain to Switzerland in one piece (or six)

Sadly our time in Spain has come to an end. Many seeds have been planted and the Bible Festival continues. Please keep praying for those who are continuing the work in Baeza. Pray for a new generation to rise up in Spain that will be changed by the Gospel and not be afraid to proclaim it!

After our day trip from Baeza to Madrid we spent the evening on a whirlwind tour of the central city in Spain. Part of that tour involved a stop at the apartment building in Madrid where Katie's parents lived as missionaries about 35 years ago! 24hrs later we were staying in a YWAM building at the base in Lausanne, Switzerland (with all 6 pieces of our luggage!)...we soon figured out that this was the same building where Katie's parents had lived and trained with YWAM in 1972! How exciting to trace our heritage on this trip.

Last night Dustin did three presentations and shared Christ with hundreds on the shores of Lake Geneva during the Montreux Jazz Festival. We will be repeating this schedule nightly for the next 4 nights. We have already heard many testimonies of lives that were impacted through Dustin's presentation last night. Please continue to pray for Dustin's strength, knees and clarity in the message the Lord gives him.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Hey everyone. We finally have an internet connection tonight... We made it to Spain safe and sound. Five of our Six pieces of luggage made it and after many phone calls and some compromises with the shipping company on the ground our last piece of luggage arrived just in time to get set up for our first program.

We are involved in a Bible Festival campaign in Baeza about 4 hours south of Madrid. Baeza is a small Pueblo of 16,000 that has no evangelical Christian presence. There are no believers and no church except for a small group of faithful missionaries who have moved here recently to bring Christ to the local people. We are praying that the Lord will sow seeds of change through this campaign. Our first performance Saturday night was in the main Plaza in the center of town. Our organizers hoped for 50 people in the audience and we ended up with nearly 200. Word got out and the next night we had about 450 present.

Please pray that many will attend the events in the next few days and that many will be open to hearing the Gospel for the first time. Also pray for Dustin's knees. His right knee is swollen and he's experiencing some limited range of motion.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! This is a beautiful country with amazing people, ancient architecture, and endless olive groves.