Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sharing the Good News

On March 23 we joined the Good News Club after school program that meets every Monday throughout the school year at Crabapple Elementary in Peachtree City, Georgia.  It was thoroughly encouraging to join about 50 kids plus dedicated volunteers who meet regularly to creatively learn about THE Good News of Jesus at this public school.  

A recent survey of public schools hosting Good News Clubs in America shows that over half of school principals reported noticeably improved behavior in students who attend the Club.  One of the responding principals said, “…the students who are in the Good News Club rarely receive discipline referrals to the office. Undoubtedly, the club has been a successful part in our curbing bullying and classroom disrespect for the children.”  Students learn that God loves them and it helps them to love others.  

Dustin challenged the students to follow Jesus and live for Him, using their gifts to make an impact in the world around them.  It was awesome to hear many repeat a prayer of commitment to follow to Jesus.  We pray these students continue to grow in their understanding of how great God is and how much He loves them!


So many happy faces!

Fake-out fall gets them every time!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Family Fun in Elizabeth, New Jersey

On Wednesday, March 18 we partnered with Councilman Carlos Cedeno for Family Fun Night in Elizabeth, New Jersey at Nicholas Murray Butler School. A great crowd came from the neighborhoods surrounding the school and fun was had by all. Carlos represents Leadership That Cares and is truly a light in his community, greatly impacting students and families. We've worked with Carlos several times over the years and it was a privilege to share in his community again.

Dustin encouraged the audience to persevere through life's challenges as they use their gifts and abilities to make the world a better place.

We received feedback after the event by a lady who said God spoke to her through the program. It is our prayer that many at this event will be inspired to find God's best for their lives.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Zone - PCNP in New Jersey

One Saturday a month about 300 junior high students gather at The Presbyterian Church at New Providence for The Zone.  On March 14th the UniShow joined in on the crazy fun.

The UniShow presentation was one of many activity options for the students to partake in during the night.  Amid the chaos, Dustin tore up the floor (and LED enhanced ramps) on his unicycles.  Someone commented to us that as Dustin shared the clear and powerful Gospel message it almost felt like John the Baptist preaching to noisy crowds uninterested in the Truth that would save them.  It made it even more moving when, despite the many distractions, 5 students boldly stepped out from among their cool peers to say "Yes!" to Jesus!  We saw about 10 other students start to come forward but then decide not to, for whatever reason.  Five teenagers just made the best decision they will ever make, to follow their Creator in the life giving relationship they were meant to have with Him!  We pray that they, and the others who prayed but were not as bold, will be forever changed by God and change the world for Him!

It is always such a blessing to serve with the awesome leaders of PCNP and we are thankful for the special connection we have with them.  We are already looking forward to partnering with them in the future.

Get your UniShow gear here!

"How many of you want me to land on him?"

Fortunately, Dustin did not land on him!

Hard to tell from this angle, but there are LED lights illuminating the ramps tonight!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Youth Club - PCNP in New Jersey

It's been 9 years since we first presented at The Presbyterian Church of New Providence in New Providence, New Jersey and 7 years since we were there last.  It was great to be back again and amazingly enough, work with the same leaders who have been at this church investing in students for decades.  

This beautiful church has a rich history and has been around since the 1700's, for nearly 300 years!  All the additions to such an old building over the many years made for some creative loading-in of our equipment but with help, we got the job done.  Thankfully we can leave our show set up through Saturday night, March 14th when we have our next event in the same location for PCNP Junior High students!

On Thursday evening, March 12th, we joined 3-6th graders for their weekly Youth Club during "Bring a Friend" night.  It was a great event with many new friends accompanying the regulars.  Dustin shared a clear Gospel message and had the students who wanted to choose to follow Jesus repeat after him a prayer of commitment.  It was precious to hear a chorus of voices sincerely repeating the prayer, making the best decision they will ever make, to follow Jesus!  Leaders afterward told us they loved the show but hearing the kids pray to give their lives to Jesus was the highlight for them.  For us, too!

One special thing we learned later was that the student Dustin randomly chose out of the crowd to jump over on his unicycle during the show, was a boy whose father is greatly suffering from a brain tumor.  The leaders felt like God had picked this kid to give him an extra special smile during this extremely difficult time he is going through.  

These kids are in great hands with amazing leaders at this church helping them grow and remain in their walk with God.  Pray for these students with us will you?  And for the boy, his dad and family.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

From Copyrights to School Assemblies

You never know what dots God is going to connect...

Last year we were contacted by a man in Pennsylvania who had made a full-sized road sign bearing an image of a guy on a unicycle as a gift for his son.  He had used an image from a bumper sticker he'd seen being sold online from unicycle.com.  The sign turned out so well that he posted a how-to video online for others to learn to make these unicycle-guy road signs (it's pretty cool; click here to check it out).  Only after all this had been done did this man realize the image of the "UniMan" that he'd used had been designed and copyrighted by Dustin Kelm.  That is when he contacted us, asking for forgiveness and permission to continue using the image on the one sign and in the how-to video, giving Dustin credit for the image.  Permission was granted.

It turns out he is a really nice guy, shares our faith and connected us with schools near him in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Juniata Elementary in DuBois PA was one of those schools where we had the privilege of performing the UniShow on March 11, 2015.  It was great to finally meet our new sign-making friend who came to the school assembly with his wife and son. 

Juniata Elementary students are great!  They were so enthusiastic, responsive and attentive throughout the entire program, repeating the theme in unison at the end, "Never Give Up!"  The PTA coordinator who organized this event told us afterward that this was the best assembly she has ever brought in and was amazed by the performance and the powerful message.  The music teacher was planning on working in her mobile office in the gym during the show but said she wasn't able to get any work done because the show was so captivating and kept getting bigger and better.

Thanks Juniata Elementary for the great reception!  Hope to see you again down the road!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Barnabas means Son of Encouragement

About 5 times a year the Barnabas Disability Ministry at Grace Church in Eden Prairie Minnesota hosts a fun evening where parents with special needs children can leave their kids with caring volunteers and have the opportunity for an evening out on their own.  It is called a Respite Night.  Barnabas Ministry states, "It is our desire to minister to, encourage, and show the love of Jesus Christ to families that have children with special needs in our church and community."

Friday night, March 6, 2015 we had the privilege of sharing the UniShow for one of these Respite Nights.  The students had big smiles and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show and listened well to the message.   Many of the families who participate in this ministry do not go to church so it was exciting that Dustin was able to share the Gospel during the presentation.

After the show, the kids made a bee line for the unicycles we had available for them to try.  One guy had taught himself to ride in years previous so he spent the rest of the night riding laps around the gym, getting tips from Dustin on what tricks to attempt next.  The kids took turns with the unis, helped each other out and no one had any serious injuries.

It was super neat to see the Barnabas Ministry in action and see all the volunteers caring for these wonderful children.  Please pray with us that these kids would truly know and accept God's love amidst the challenges they face.