Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hombro a Hombro - Shoulder to Shoulder in Peru

From Switzerland we traveled through 7 time zones, 4 countries, 3 continents and 2 hemispheres to Lima, Peru.  We met up with a group of 150 others from our home church, Grace Church Eden Prairie to partner with Grace's sister church the  Iglesia Alianza Cristiana y Misionera del Callao and their team of several hundred volunteers.  Together we embraced Lima and Callao with the love of Jesus.  This was Dustin's 6th time serving in Peru; Katie's 4th.

There was a team of mighty Peruvian prayer warriors from the Callao Church who had been praying literally around the clock for weeks before we arrived and they continued night and day during the whole week of outreaches.  They were the foundation for all that took place.  God answered their prayers and so many people responded to Jesus!

We had the privilege of sharing the UniShow performance in parks, churches and for orphans and prisoners. One event at the juvenile detention center was especially moving. We presented to 100 of the 1,000 teens at the facility. The boys were thoroughly engaged throughout the entire event, with huge burden-lifting smiles watching Dustin perform, to riveted attention during the various testimony and Gospel presentations. At the invitation to give their lives to Jesus, every boy stood up! We had the opportunity to pray with many afterward and share Gospel bracelets and other materials to help them grow.  Some even had tears in their eyes as they prayed to surrender their lives to Jesus who will give them a new start.

Pedro, a volunteer at the Callao church, approached Dustin to thank him for the 11 unicycles we have donated to the church over the years. Students have been inspired watching Dustin use unicycling to share Christ during Hombro a Hombro outreaches.  Twenty young people at the church have now learned to ride, including Pedro. This has been a character and confidence building experience for these students as well as a new tool for ministry, incorporating unicycling in their evangelistic outreach events throughout the year.

All in all 2,326 Peruvians responded to the Good News of Jesus through our various outreaches this week!  Each of these people will be contacted by people from the Callao Church to help them plug into the church and grow in their new walk with God.

View from the Callao Church

Hombro a Hombro Callao Church and Grace Church

Gift from some of the unicyclists who have learned to ride since our visit 3 years ago!

Orphan outreach.  Making it happen in a cozy space.

Students doing the "Clock Skit" showing a trap of this world is to get us caught in the routines of life but Jesus can set us free.  

Fernando the Great, translator extraordinaire!