Monday, November 22, 2010

Count it Right

During the three days of 2010 Count it Right Festival, 22,500 people attended and over 6,000 indicated decisions to follow Christ! Millions more throughout the Middle East watched the festival via satellite TV.

It was an exciting year with more activities and performances for the attendees than ever before.  In this country, festivals of this nature and retreat centers of this magnitude don't exist so it was quite a draw for the thousands that came.

We performed twice daily with a prayer time after each performance for individual's needs.  Many were impacted by the message of God's love and care for them.  We also enjoyed reconnecting with fellow performers, organizers, volunteers and attendees whom we have been getting to know over the past 3 years.  As we all parted ways, it wasn't "good bye" it was "see you next year."

We thank God for the way He prepared hears for a great harvest of souls and transformed lives.  He again blessed the vast efforts of the hundreds of leaders and volunteers from the church who organized this festival.  It was a great privilege to partner with them to bring the gospel of God's love to the people of the Middle East.

Check out the video on this blog post of an evening rally in the stadium.

Dustin making his grand entrance on four wheels.

Terry the motocross stunt guy.

Josh airborne 

Big and Burly - it took 2 teams of strongmen
to test the strength of Dustin's structures.

Victor hyping the crowd before crushing an unopened can of soda.

The crush!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sandy Land

Day one of the Count it Right Festival 2010 saw 8,000 people and a ton of activity.  We performed twice with BMX/skaters from Boarders for Christ and two strength teams from the USA and Scandinavian.  Also, performing throughout the day were martial artists, a Brazilian jujitsu team, billiard trick shot artist, an illusionist, dramas, freestyle motocross and music.  There is also a health clinic, high ropes course, arts tent, kid’s zone, zip line, McDonalds and Smiley’s for attendees to choose from.

The gospel was shared multiple times throughout the day and again in the stadium at the evening rally, which is broadcast by satellite to millions throughout the Middle East.  We saw thousands respond to the message and receive Jesus.  We are excited for two more days of exciting ministry here.

The desert surrounding the Conference Center




Packed stadium for the evening rally

Team XTreme - sledge hammering bricks
on a man's chest who is laying on broken glass.

Boarders for Christ doing a 360.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Elk and I in Estes Park

It was amazing to be in the beautiful mountains of Colorado in November and have unusually warm, sunny weather.  We spent the weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park with the Rocky Mountain Conference United Methodist Church and a large population of giant elk.

Dustin shared with 400 junior high and high school students on the topic of Rejuvenation.  He established God as our Creator and the Bible as our “owner’s manual” and guide to true rejuvenation, often contrary to the world’s ideas of how to be renewed.  Through the UniShow, he shared from his own life story how we are often put through the heat of trials, like clay in the Potter’s hands in the process of becoming all God wants us to be. 

It was a powerful ending session to see the student’s line up with their written list of “old things” to destroy in shredders, symbolizing their embrace of a renewed walk with Christ.  We pray God will continue His rejuvenating work in each of their lives.