Monday, March 28, 2011

UniShow in Fast Forward

We are keeping busy here in Georgia.  It was great to minister to a hundred middle schoolers bright and early before school on Friday the 25th at Bennett's Mill in Fayetteville for Fellowship of Christian Students and Athletes.  Dustin wowed them with a few unicycles and challenged the kids with stories from our fall tour in the Middle East and what our friends there are willing to endure for Christ.

Sunday the 27th was a whirlwind with 3 presentations back-to-back in 3 different locations.  On Friday, we set up most of our structures at the first location and had visited the second location to get a feel for how to make the quick transition.  This early prep made the day much more manageable.

We began at New Hope Baptist's North Campus for the 9:15a Awakening service, did an abbreviated UniShow and shared the Gospel.  With 3 helpers, we packed up as the outreach continued and drove 20 minutes to New Hope's South Campus to share the UniShow and Gospel for the Awakening outreach there already in progress.  After the 2nd program we packed up and headed to a nearby high school for SouthCrest Church's afternoon 3 on 3 basketball tournament youth outreach for yet another UniShow demo with Dustin's testimony.

It was a crazy day but such a privilege to partner with all 3 of these outreaches where the focus and goal was reaching students with the pure and simple Gospel of salvation in Jesus!  We heard that at the morning outreaches there were youth that had never even been to a church before.  We heard that at the afternoon outreach only about 20% of the students attending were part of the regular church youth program.  There were also quite a few police officers and sheriffs for security at the tournament outreach and we pray the truth they heard will make an eternal impact on their lives.  Please pray for the hundreds of students we had the privilege of ministering to this weekend.  Pray that God will continue to Awaken their hearts to surrender completely to Him!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jesus loves the children of Atlanta

We had the great privilege of partnering with NightLight Atlanta for 2 evenings of outreaches in the intercity.  This is a ministry that reaches out to women and children exploited in the sex industry.  We joined the kids club outreaches in two "neighborhoods" of Atlanta and shared a UniShow and Jesus with the children.  At each event Dustin shared the Gospel and led kids in a prayer to receive Jesus.  After leading prayer at one outreach, Dustin explained that those who just prayed to receive Jesus are now children of God.  One boy who had prayed threw his fists in the air and said, "Yes!"  These kids desperately need to know they matter and have a heavenly Father who loves them extravagantly.

It was heartbreaking but we are thankful for the opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus with these precious kids.  Please pray for the ongoing ministry of NightLight and their follow up weekly with these kids.  They will be leading the kids in a baptism service soon and we pray many kids will participate and take a bold and radical stand for Jesus and find His healing and love.

For the safety of the kids, we are not able to post any photos of these events.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Georgia on My Mind

After being part of OM Arts for almost 3 years we finally made it to the home office near Atlanta to connect with our team.  We visited Operation Mobilization several times during our application process, but since officially joining we haven't had the opportunity.

On March 20th, through fellow OM connections we were able to serve at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Griffin, GA for their Sunday morning Missions service.  It was exciting for Dustin to be able to share the Gospel and give the whole church a powerful challenge to use their beautiful facility and resources to make a difference for Jesus across the street and around the world!  We heard from many that this was a Missions service people won't quickly forget; we pray it's the Mission that stays with them and motivates them to use whatever God has given them to make a difference.

That same Sunday afternoon we packed up and headed across town to Grace Evangelical in Fayetteville for an AWANA program.  After the beautiful sound of students reciting verses and Christian pledges, we started the UniShow.  The students were challenged to keep on seeking all God has for them and use their gifts and talents for Him.

We are looking forward to a few weeks in the Atlanta area doing various outreaches and connecting with OMers.