Monday, January 30, 2017

Mission ConneXion Northwest

It was a privilege to participate in the 16th annual Mission ConneXion Northwest in Portland Oregon.  We represented Operation Mobilization and the UniShow in the exhibit hall and connected with many people.

The first plenary session was a night for wheels.  Joni Erickson Tada was the main speaker, powerfully sharing from her wheel chair how God allowed what he hates (her paralysis from a diving accident in her teens) to accomplish what He loves (drawing her close to Him and helping her point others to Him).  Then, Dustin performed a freestyle unicycle routine, demonstrated his ultimate wheel and made a few people nervous by juggling fire on his 6 footer. Then he shared his story of how he surrendered to God what he loved to do (unicycling), agreeing to serve Him however God saw fit. Never did he dream God would give it back to him to use as a tool to share the Gospel around the world. 

What a privilege to meet and share the stage with Ken and Joni Eirckson Tada!

Then, during the last plenary session, Dustin tore up the trials course on his unicycle before taking things 10 feet high.  He shared encouraging stories of how God is at work around the world through the Creative Arts. He also shared about the RefugeRide and how God used it to provide hope and help for Syrian refugees as we crossed the USA on unicycles.  We received positive feedback from many after both presentations about how inspired people were to use what they had to share Jesus around the world. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

First UniShow of the Year!

The first UniShow of the year occurred on January 4th in Tacoma Washington for K-6th graders at Frederickson Elementary.

We have a special place in our hearts for students in Christian Schools since we both attended them growing up. Dustin challenged students to use what God has given them to share His love near and far.

Our new Frederickson friends sent us on our way with encouraging feedback as well as gifts with the school mascot on them because, as they say, "Once a cougar always a cougar."


Always fun to see the students faces as they watch the UniShow!