Saturday, December 30, 2017

Brazil Quadra Tour

Meet the UniShow Quadra Tour: Canadian Family, amazing driver, sound guy, Rob, Dustin and Katie.

We were invited to Brazil to partner with a Canadian family who lives there part time, whom we’ve done events with in Northern Ontario in the past. Our initial connection to this family was their son-in-law Rob, whom we’ve toured with in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Albania and Egypt. Rob also joined this Brazil tour with his music and it was a great reunion to share a stage with him again to creatively proclaim the Good News.

It’s been 10 years since we were last in Brazil. This time, we visited the northeast state of Ceara for a full 3 weeks with 15 shows in the more unreached interior from 11 November – 4 December 2017.

Almost every community has a covered sports facility they call a quadra, with beautifully smooth cement surfaces, perfect for a UniShow. Most of our events were in these quadras, as we partnered with local churches in 15 different communities. Our organizer was very thorough in his preparation and even filled cracks in some quadra surfaces with cement before we arrived to make sure Dustin had as smooth of a riding area as possible. He also looked high and low for fuel for Dustin’s juggling torches and didn’t give up until he found a perfect fuel from a watch shop of all places, where it is used to clean watches.


Catholicism is very strong in these parts of Brazil. The Catholic church has a tight grip on people, keeping them religious and under human control. More than once, a Catholic event was scheduled at the exact same time as our UniShow, in order to prevent people from attending our event.

The remote Interior of Brazil.
With Rob’s music, Katie’s dance and Dustin’s unicycling, we had a 70 minute show that was very well received.
Waiting for the show to start.

In each show, Dustin gave a clear Gospel presentation and usually led in a prayer of surrender to Jesus.

Amazing translator who made sure the Word got out!
Afterward, people filled out surveys where they could request a pastor’s visit or Bible study. The pastors are excited to use these contacts to grow their small churches or start new churches in areas where there is none. They have their work cut out for them since 164 people requested a visit and 154 a Bible study. Each of them will receive a 4 week course from the Gospel of John.

This is how the UniShow rolls Brazil style.

We are thankful for these opportunities to share the Gospel with over 4,200 people, many of whom had never heard the Gospel before. People told us how thankful they were that we came to their remote area to share a special show that they will never forget. We pray they will remember the life changing message we shared most of all.

Doing a little UniShow advertising at the weekly market.
Some of Dustin's many fans!

This audio advertisement blared all over the region from motorcycles with loudspeakers.