Tuesday, November 14, 2017

UniShow for Young and Old

On November 3rd we left Minnesota and headed east with a full load in our truck and trailer. Our first stop was Elizabeth, New Jersey to partner again with a city councilman who has a heart to creatively impact his community. Over the years, we've done youth and family events with him. This time, our UniShow was at a senior center where this younger councilman has been building relationships for over a decade.
Dustin and a few of his new fans.
We joined the senior's Monday morning gathering at the O'Donnell Dempsey Center. They cheered and clapped throughout the whole show and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Dustin was able to share about the only thing that has filled the emptiness in his heart: his relationship with God. Many of these older people live alone and don't have family nearby so it was special to bring them some joy and remind them that God loves them. Afterward we received many hugs and kisses and even heard, "This is the most beautiful show I've seen in my whole life." 

The seniors loved the show, though Dustin was only half there during the last act.
From there, we drove to Virginia for an elementary assembly for Fresta Valley Christian School students. We knew the school's music teacher from when she used to attend our home church in Minnesota. She made the connection for us to share with their students while we were in the area. Since the school is still in the process of building their gymnasium, they bused the students 20 minutes to a church who graciously opened up their gym for the assembly. 

A few short days later, we parked our truck and trailer with our road-show equipment in Washington DC.  From there, we packed our "fly show" and took off to Brazil for the next adventure.