Friday, February 9, 2018

Boring UniShow and Beyond

The UniShow was as close to Boring as it's ever been on 24 January 2018.  We presented at Barton Community Church in Boring, Oregon for their Family Night.  Church members were amazed by Dustin's presentations at Mission Connexion in Portland last year and were looking for an opportunity to bring him to their own church event.  This was the night and the UniShow was a hit.  During Dustin's Gospel presentation and invitation, at least 5 people indicated they were giving their lives to Jesus for the first time.  Jesus isn't boring and apparently the UniShow wasn't either!  Afterward we heard, "This is not some hum-drum show!" and "Even the 'cool' teenagers were eating it up!"

The next morning, on 25 January 2018, we rolled on over to Cherry Park Elementary in Portland for a school assembly.  The gym was packed with 600 in attendance and the students could hardly contain their excitement as Dustin performed on one exciting unicycle after another.  They quieted down enough to hear Dustin's challenge to persevere even when things get tough and use what they have to help others.  Before the assembly was over he had them shouting in unison, "Never Give Up!"  Afterward, staff enthusiastically told us that this was the best assembly they have ever had.

During our training week in Georgia when we joined OM in 2008, we met a couple whom we've stayed in touch with over the years.  They have now settled in Portland and have kids attending Cherry Park Elementary.  They had passed along our information to the principal, thus the assembly on 25 January 2018!  We are thankful for personal connections which lead to expanded opportunities to impact people's lives.

To complete our Oregon shows, we presented at Elmira High School for a Sunday afternoon community outreach on 28 January 2018.  It was encouraging to see multiple churches and ministries collaborate to bring their community together to hear the Good News.  About 250 came and heard the clear Gospel message and several responded to the invitation!

Thanks Oregon! Now on to California...