Saturday, February 21, 2015

The UniShow at Cathcart Unicycle Club

The Cathcart Unicycle Club is a great group of current and former students from Cathcart Elementary in Snohomish Washington who meet every Friday for practice.  They have been going strong for the past 20 years!

It was a privilege to join their practice February 20th and present the UniShow as well as ride and interact with the students.  Many students watched with wide eyes as Dustin skillfully performed, expanding their knowledge of what can be done on and with various unicycles.  More importantly, he challenged them to always discover how they can use unicycling or any other ability to make a difference in others lives.  Because the club is a private organization, Dustin was able to share openly about his faith.  He told students that he thought becoming a world champion would make him happy and fulfilled, yet after he received his gold medal he still felt empty until he began a life-filling relationship with Jesus.  Now he rides for God's glory, not for his own and uses his gifts to help others.  

These students know what it is like to fall down and pick themselves up again.  What a joy to be able to encourage and inspire them in this brave and challenging character-shaping endeavor of learning the sport of unicycling.