Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grace Church Vacation Bible School 2014 - The Last Word

Vacation Bible School at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN is always an exciting and crazy but very purposefully time.  Dustin had the opportunity to MC this year’s VBS, with the theme of The Last Word.  Over 1,150 students attended this year.

Dustin presented the mission moment each day, sharing the project of raising money for Bibles for Haiti.  The first day students gave $30 and Dustin rode out on his ultimate wheel (just a wheel and pedals, no seat or frame) and told students the bigger their donations each day, the bigger his unicycles would get. They rose to the challenge and by the last day Dustin rode out on his 10 foot unicycle to announce to the students that they had raised $6,800!  That's a lot of Bibles!

Dustin also presented the Gospel in a simple, clear and powerful way and it was wonderful to see many students come forward in response.  Here is a quote we received at the end of the week, "Dustin, I can't get over how amazing (and brave) you are and the masterful way you talk to the kids about God."  We pray all these students who attended VBS this year will continue to study and love God’s living Word and realize how it important and applicable it is to their daily lives.

Student volunteers horsing around, capturing the craze of VBS.

Dustin rode in each day to give the kids an update on their donations.

WooHoo! $6,800 was raised to share The Word with people in Haiti!

Drawing participants for Crazy Games

Crazy Games host: Bix Baxter, the host with the most from coast to coast.  

The Last Word drama with live goats.

Quality production of The Last Word drama.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia Canada

The Sunshine Coast in British Columbia has a fitting name.  We so enjoyed our visit to this beautiful part of Canada.  One of Katie's college friends is in leadership at Christ Redeemer Church in Pender Harbour.  She invited us into their community to partner with them for their Sunday morning service as well as a local outreach.  It was refreshing to work with the church leaders who are inspiring their community to reach out with the Gospel both near and far.  We heard that our outreach was a timely example of how God can use anyone to serve Him in creative ways.  Many people expressed how they were challenged to personally share Christ with those around them.  We are excited for the strengthened partnership with this community and hope to return for more outreaches in the future.

It was an extra blessing for our hosts to take us hiking and kayaking to get up close and personal with the beautiful scenery.

Happy reunion of college friends: Katie and Jen.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Washington Outreaches

We were honored to share at Heritage Christian Academy in Bothell, Washington for their chapel May 23rd.  We (Dustin and Katie) both attended Christian schools in our youth and have a special place in our hearts for students with the privilege of receiving Christian education.  Dustin challenged students to avoid getting in a rut of just going through the motions of church and school and to keep alert for the adventure God has for their surrendered lives.

Our newest supporting church, Delta Community Baptist in Everett WA hosted the UniShow for their Wednesday night youth program.  It was a small crowd but God used it to speak into students’ lives.  Dustin challenged them to believe God has given each of them special gifts He wants to use to impact the world.  This church has been a blessing to us through their prayers and desire to continue partnership with us and we look forward to more events with them in January 2015.

Heritage Christian School

Delta Baptist Church youth event in their roomy new, unfinished building.