Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hombro a Hombro 2017

Every 3 years our home church Grace Church Eden Prairie leads an exciting outreach in Lima Peru, serving hombro a hombro (shoulder to shoulder) with the Callao Church.  This was Dustin's 7th and Katie's 5th time on this outreach.  From 22-30 July 2017 our team of 100 from America joined several hundred Peruvians as we shared the love of Jesus in Lima and Callao.  

In these 7 days we presented to 7,350 people in 15 events.  Through the various outreaches, our team saw over 1,450 people indicate decisions to follow Jesus!  We had a full schedule with a parade to start the week out followed by multiple shows a day in different locations.

Through singing, dumpster drumming, kids games, dramas and of course unicycling, we presented the Gospel in parks, streets, a medical rehab center, church festivals, soccer fields and hospitals.

In addition to the performances, teams painted homes and prayed with their owners.  Others hosted a marriage seminar for couples and a day of events for kids with special needs.  Skilled doctors performed 50 complicated surgerys, as others on the medical team cared for hundreds of sick people.  Every act of love and service was accompanied with prayer and sharing of the Gospel.

New brothers in Christ!
It was great to reconnect with friends we've made over the past 18 years.  It's always fun to see other young unicyclists at the Callao church who have been inspired by Dustin.  As we have in other years, we left some unicycles for others to continue to learn.  

We praise God for the soft hearts He prepared in Peru and for the many people who chose to surrender their lives to Him.  We rejoice with the angels!