Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun in the Son

The Fun in the Son Festival on Saturday was quite an event. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and by the end the expected number of 30,000 people had filled the grounds of Jamaica College. Dustin did a show and presented the Gospel in the Kids Zone in the afternoon and many accepted Christ. Early evening he rode and shared again on main stage for a very enthusiastic crowd. After 4 TV interviews, he joined the rest of our team and 700 other volunteers (all wearing bright yellow t-shirts and caps) as we prepared to pray with people in the crowd after Andrew Palau spoke and shared the Gospel. I’m not sure how many thousands of people responded but many received Jesus that night!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Broadcasting the King of Kings in Kingston Jamaica

Our week in Kingston Jamaica preceding the Fun in the Son Festival was packed with school events for audiences numbering from 25 to 1,600. Even the public schools in Jamaica hold regular devotions in the morning before the school day begins. Each morning our team from Grace Church working under the Palau Organization divided into three groups and shared the Gospel through different means at different schools. Most afternoons we partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship and met with smaller groups at “Backyard Clubs” sharing our songs, activities and unicycling with the students. We had a great response from students and hundreds received Christ. Even parents who were dropping off their students lingered and some prayed with us and accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Many of the students immediately asked us if we were with the “Book Ship”. We had to tell them we were not but would be sailing with them in a week. 19,000 students had been on board during the past few weeks the Logos Hope had been in Kingston port. We realized the ministry of OM’s Logos Hope had been instrumental in sowing the seeds and preparing the kids to receive Jesus so readily during our assemblies.