Monday, July 23, 2012

Switzerland - another mecca.

This was our third time with YWAM Lausanne for their Regeneration outreach at the Montreaux Jazz Festival.  About 40 of us from Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Barbadoes, Brazil, America, England, Venezula and Nigeria joined forces each evening on the promenade of Lake Geneva to share the love of Jesus in various ways.  Performances included a traditional Korean Fan dance and music, a Brazilian band, fire poi, dances, the UniShow plus the Gospel message shared.  Teams also did arts with children, handed out tea and cookies, walked through the festival picking up trash and all of us visited and prayed with those watching and took every opportunity to point them to Christ.

We had the privilege of sharing individually with many from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, England and Spain.  Many wealthy people from the Middle East vacation in Switzerland and are more open to hearing the Gospel outside of their home country.  We connected with many families who came to shows multiple nights and relationships were formed.  It was so exciting to see people become increasingly open to and interested in Jesus over time.  We pray the many seeds planted will take root and produce lasting fruit.  Many videoed the show and Gospel message and will take it home and share it with family and friends.  We just don't know the full impact of these outreaches and what God can do with our offerings.

One evening, a lady from a middle eastern country came up to the Bible kiosk which was connected to our performance tent.  She saw a picture of Jesus hanging at the kiosk and asked "Who is that man?"  She had seen Him in her dream the night before!  What an opportunity to introduce Jesus to this Muslim woman whom God is pursuing!

Another evening a guy mocked Dustin while he shared the Gospel during his performance and shot a wine bottle cork onto the stage.  After the show was over and we were all packed up and waiting for our transportation, the man sat down next to Dustin saying, "I come to you as the devil.  I will convert you to the dark side.  Your light cannot change me."  This was interesting wording since our theme verse for Regeneration this year was: John 1:4, "In Him was life and that life was the light of man."  When Dustin told him darkness can never overcome light he was stumped and then asked Dustin why he has hope.  After sharing with him for a while the guy asked Dustin to pray for him, saying he sensed something pure in Dustin.  The man got on his knees as they prayed.

Katie shared about Jesus with a Muslim woman from Dubai and was able to pray with her for God to truly reveal Himself to her.  She was very open to learning more about who Jesus is and said she would read the book of John from the Bible.

As Dustin prayed for another man, an atheist from Syria, the man said he was "touched in his heart".   God is working in these people's lives.  We rejoice and pray that He who began a good work in them will continue until they completely surrender their lives to Christ.

Thanks for praying for these outreaches and for the continued work of God in these people's lives!

Dustin with the Korean fan dancers

Traditional Korean Fan Dance 

Arm wrestling was a big crowd grabber!  Go Susanne!

Dustin praying with "the devil"

Susanne wowed crowds with her fire poi

Dustin's "Wow, I just rode down some stairs!" face.

Samay came every day and really connected with our group.  He even rode his uni with Dustin in some shows!

Serving up tea and cookies in Jesus name!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sharing Jesus in Chocolateland

After Turkey we flew to Switzerland and were greeted by our Swiss friend Susanne with a sign reading, "Welcome to Chocolateland", and multiple chocolate bars. Susanne and the Salvation Army church in Wadenswil graciously hosted us the first week. We had some refreshing down time, sightseeing, swimming, praying and prepping for upcoming outreaches, learning about Swiss people and culture.

We did a presentation at the church and two UniShow outreaches on July 4th in Horgen. There were not huge crowds but we know people were reached. People from the local church were very encouraged and inspired to use their story and what God has given them to reach out and go public with their faith.  Storms were completely surrounding Horgen during our evening outreach but God answered our many prayers and no rain interfered with the presentation.  We believe God wanted this outreach to happen!

A reporter interviewed Katie over the phone in the morning and then she brought her children to the show and wrote a positive article in the local paper. Click on the picture below to see the article in Swiss German.


Spain just won the EuroCup Soccer Tournement...the celebration spilled over into Switzerland.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Then there was Turkey

After Albania we hit the streets of Istanbul for spontaneous shows during our week in Turkey.  One evening we did several shows along a popular busking area in Taksim.  We drew huge crowds and shared the Gospel openly.  One man spoke to Dustin afterward and said he was shocked that Dustin didn't ride and perform for money or fame but for God and to die to himself.  A man from Afghanistan was also moved by what Dustin shared and while holding his phone up to video record the conversation he asked "What sorrows have you experienced to give you such deep faith?"  Dustin was able to share the Gospel even more extensively in response. 

Another evening we did performances at a park by the seaside.  Katie had a meaningful and lengthy chat with an atheist girl from Iran who wound up being very open to learning more about Jesus.

On our last day we performed at a fancy water park.  We were surprised to discover our stage came with dancers in skimpy costumes opening and closing the show and making appearances throughout.  It was a tough environment and our hearts went out to these girls exploiting themselves for a summer job.  We pray the message of the hope and love of Jesus spoke to them as well as to the rest of the park audience.

As usual we enjoyed our home away from home in Istanbul and look forward to our return later this fall.  Next stop...Switzerland.

6ft unicycles come in handy when looking for a good spot to perform on the main shopping street in Taksim. 

Entrance to the Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque

Some elevators aren't so big