Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Assemblies Continue

Our most recent school assembly in Eugene Oregon was at McCornack Elementary. The students from the resident unicycle club were announced and rode briefly before they introduced Dustin and the UniShow.
The students were very responsive and enthusiastic throughout the assembly and we received lots of great feedback from teachers following the presentation. One teacher had this to say, "inspiring- engaging- Dustin's personality really made it successful- the pacing of his words, content of his message, his lovely expressions and arm movements made it enticing- he knows how to captivate the audience- great music accompanied his performance- there wasn't a person in the gym that was bored or wanted the performance to be over..... timeless and refreshing performance by a believable person who genuinely enjoyed what he was doing- extremely inspiring to kids and adults- would love to have him back again..." Dustin also received a record number of hugs following his performance from very awe inspired students.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mapleton Schools

We had the opportunity to return to Mapleton Schools in the coastal mountains of Oregon. Dustin performed the UniShow for the elementary school first. He encouraged them to press on even when things get tough and to step out and do challenging things that can make a difference in the world.

Immediately following the elementary assembly we shared the UniShow with the junior and senior high. A high school student from a nearby school tragically died the previous week. Dustin gave a timely challenge to make their lives count because we never know how much time we have to make a lasting impact.

It is fun to have family in the area who are very willing to lend a helping hand with set up and tear down. We still have more school assemblies in the area with opportunities to inspire students during the last days of the school year. Thanks for praying for the influence we will have on these students!