Monday, April 26, 2010

River Rock Church

The UniShow was the feature of the Sunday morning service at River Rock Church which meets at Chatfield Elementary in Belle Plaine MN.

Dustin gave a powerful Gospel message and at least 10 responded to Jesus for the first time. It was neat to have an event just a half hour drive away from our home base and minister to this little-reached city where statistics show that only 2% of the local population go to church. Many people invited family and friends. Please pray for the seeds to take root and be watered!

This show marked the initiation of Dustin's new Nimbus Ti titanium trials unicycle (courtesy of which worked beautifully and will be a nice addition to his collection.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Aboard the Logos Hope

As soon as we discovered Operation Mobilization’s Logos Hope ship was going to be in Kingston Jamaica at the same time we were, we made arrangements to jump on board. They happened to be sailing to Nassau Bahamas the day after our team from Grace flew back to MN from Jamaica so the timing was perfect.

Our goal was to personally experience the ships ministry in order to communicate and promote it to others. We worked in the galley, the book hold and the book fair, getting a taste of regular ship’s crew life.

We also had opportunities to share the ministry of OM Arts International. Dustin braved the slick and windy outdoor Deck 9 in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, performing for and encouraging the crew during our 4 day sail from Kingston to Nassau. Dustin led the drama group’s weekly session and Katie met with the dancers to share her experience dancing in 10 countries. Once in the Bahamas, we both rode unis in a parade through downtown Nassau during the ship’s official opening ceremonies. Dustin was preshow entertainment for 2 cultural hours in the ship’s Hope Theatre for visiting locals. We also rode unis around town with other ship’s riders and enjoyed connecting with them in this way.

This was our first sailing experience and once we got past the first day of wooziness due to rough water, we fared well and thoroughly enjoyed our experience on board. It was great to connect with over 400 OMers on board and see how they use the “World’s Largest Floating Book Fair” to share Jesus in the world’s ports and beyond.