Sunday, November 18, 2012

Short and Sweet in NY

After a whirlwind 3 month tour in 5 countries on 3 continents, we packed up the unis and returned to North America. Coming directly from Switzerland our first stop was Rochester NY for BASIC's (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) annual fall college conference.  

The theme for this conference was I Am Light, encouraging 600 students to shine brightly for Christ.  Coming right from 3 months lighting up the ripe harvest fields overseas, Dustin's message and performance tied right into this headline.  He encouraged students to let their lights shine using whatever gifts God has given them to make their lives count for eternity.

After our event we had many great conversations with college students who had been encouraged by Dustin's words.  One student with some mad football (soccer ball) handling skills shared that he is inspired to use his talent to share the Gospel like Dustin does through unicycling.  We were in NY for only 18 hours and our presentation was about 18 minutes but we pray the impact will be eternal.  Please pray for students to have the strength and support to walk boldly for God on their dark campuses! 

The contents of our lives going from here to there.
In 3 months of travel we were only charged for excess baggage once!

Dustin doing what he does best:
showing how God can use whatever you have to let your light shine!

Too high for the stage, Dustin got to scare the audience up close!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Promo tour in Swissland

After 3 weeks in hot, dusty, chaotic, busy and loud Egypt, we spent 10 days in cold, green, quiet and orderly Switzerland.  Quite a shock to the system to experience such polar opposite countries back to back.  So neat, though to see God at work and be able to serve with His people in such different contexts around the world.

In Switzerland we joined other team members for a tour around the country promoting creative arts ministry and educating about the need among the unreached.  It was a much different tour than we normally do, but a privilege to share our vision and connect with others who also have hearts to reach the lost.

We also did street outreaches and led a drama workshop.  We were very blessed by Swiss hospitality and generosity and all their delicious food!

The team reps.

Adam, Drake and David share their music.

Dustin shares a challenge with immigrant kids.

Presenting in a state church.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

North Africa - Extended Edition

We stayed in North Africa a week after our 2 week tour with TACO.  It was our 5th time working with this organization for 3 festivals around the country.  These large scaled events are well organized and run by hundreds of attentive volunteers.  It is such a privilege to work with such humble servants of God. 

We were blessed to have our friend John from TACO join us for this week as an assistant.  He is a very competent young man and we wish we always had his help.  In the last few months he has even taken up unicycling.  The three of us were able to do a unicycling trio act as part of our shows.  It was a fun addition.

Our first festival was at the Cave Church in the midst of what is called Garbage City, home to 80,000 people who live among and process garbage from the huge city below.  We did 3 shows throughout the day, along with many other performers, sharing the Gospel with many hungry for truth.  It was exciting to see so many respond.

From there we joined a weekend festival at a conference center in the desert where around 12,000 people attended each of the 4 days.  We did 2 shows each day along with skaters, bmxer's, a strength team, clown, illusionist, motocross jumper and marshal arts team.   We again saw hundreds respond to the open invitation to follow Jesus.  We prayed with many hurting people after our shows and saw Jesus touch them.

Next we drove to the south of the country for a one day festival.  It was a pretty crazy day but we know that people were ministered to through our multiple shows. 

Thanks for praying with us that the thousands who surrendered to God will remain in Him!

Dustin performing at the Cave Church

Interview for SAT7 television which airs across the Middle East.

Cole and his amazing skills.

Kevin flying high. 

Wes jumping high over volunteers.

The stadium with over 10,000 people.