Thursday, March 30, 2017

Convicted by Christ

The plan was to do an outreach outside on Fort Lewis College campus in Durango CO on Thursday, March 23rd.  However, the weather did not cooperate, and the rain and wind was not conducive to being outside performing or watching a performance.  Sadly, this event was cancelled.  But God had other plans and our plan B was most likely His plan A.

At the last minute we were invited to share instead at a weekly meeting called, Convicted by Christ for men who had been incarcerated.  About 30 men gathered and began the meeting worshiping enthusiastically, like men who had been set free, which they had, both physically and spiritually!

Dustin then did an abbreviated presentation, riding a few unicycles, juggling fire, then sharing his testimony and a message of hope in God's power to save and redeem.  He shared his favorite verse from Isaiah 40 about how when we stumble and fall, if we put our hope in God He will renew our strength and we'll soar on wings like eagles. As he shared the verse, a man stood up pointing to his shirt that had that verse on it.  These men know what it means to stumble and fall, and they are seeking the God who has picked them up and given them strength to start again on a better path.

The men were very responsive throughout the presentation, and seemed very encouraged and inspired.  This was one of our favorite events in the area.
They always end their meeting in a circle of prayer.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sagebrush Trilogy

Sagebrush Community Church in Farmington NM hosted 3 UniShow outreaches during spring break.  On Monday, March 20th, the first day of spring, we presented the UniShow for the community of Aztec NM at Koogler Middle School.

Someone was excited to see the UniShow!
On Tuesday night, we presented in Hermosa Middle School gymnasium for Sagebrush Remix Junior Highers, some from the community and beyond.  One family drove an hour from a reservation to enjoy the show after hearing about it when Dustin was interviewed on the radio the week before.

Wednesday night, we joined Sagebrush Remix High School ministry for their weekly gathering.  It was a bit windy and chilly outside but it turned out to be a fun event and students seemed to enjoy the presentation and be really impacted by Dustin's testimony and the Gospel message.  

Dustin and the Remix High School gang.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In the Eagles Nest

On the final day of school before Spring Break in Farmington NM, we had the privilege of presenting a UniShow assembly for high schoolers at Navajo Preparatory School. It was held in their sunken gymnasium they call "The Eagles Nest".

To start out the assembly, a group of students did an interactive distracted driving presentation for their peers. Students rode scooters around a cone course while attempting to text as other students threw little foam balls at them. It was entertaining and informative and got the kids warmed up and hyped to enjoy the UniShow, which it seemed they really did.

At the end of the UniShow, the principal presented us with thoughtful gifts of a book bag, notebook and insulated cup complete with Navajo Prep "Fighting Eagles" logo on them.  She was very complementary, stating that the teachers never stay for assemblies yet this time they didn't leave. Another teacher said this was by far the best assembly the students have enjoyed in a long time. Dustin was thanked by one student "for a very nerve wracking show".  Now that's what we like to hear! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Rock with Wings"

On Thursday, March 16th we had an all school assembly at Shiprock High School in Shiprock NM. The school was in a beautiful setting with the 1,583 ft. sacred "Shiprock" or "rock with wings" in view as we drove in.

Art work in the gymnasium.
The student body president introduced the UniShow, then the fun began. Students responded enthusiastically to Dustin's tricks and stunts and listened attentively to the message he shared, challenging them to press on through life's struggles.  He told about the only thing he has found that filled the emptiness in his life.


Dustin's "help" getting on the 6 foot unicycle.

It was encouraging to hear feedback from the principal afterward that the show had a strong message but wasn't preachy.

After the assembly, students met Dustin and took photos.  Many students had fun trying out unicycles.  A few worked at it for over an hour as we packed things up, making great progress.

Yearbook students took photos of the UniShow.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Unicorns and Unicycles

March 15th was a double header UniShow.  We started the day at Rocinante Alternative High School in Farmington.  We had a great time with 150 students who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the presentation and absorb the message of perseverance through life's challenges.

After the UniShow, honor students were awarded certificates for their achievements.  One student, previously a C student, had made a deal with the principal:  If she got straight A's this term, he would wear a unicorn costume for a day.  She was awarded a certificate for straight A's and Mr. Deswood held up his part of the deal and came out after the assembly in full unicorn style.  He even had a meeting later that afternoon with the superintendent.

Wednesday evening, we headed to First Baptist Church in Bloomfield for a community outreach.  Dustin presented the powerful Gospel message to an attentive audience. Students from Farmington High School brought their parents because they had enjoyed Monday's assembly so much. Other kids told us we had a great impact on their Christmas wish list. We pray the impact goes beyond unicycles and continues to point people to the Reason for the Hope that we have.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Go Scorpions!

Go Scorpions!
Our first event of many in the Farmington NM area was at Farmington High School for 1,350 students on March 13th. Since the assembly was at 8:30 on Monday morning, it was a blessing to have access to the gym on Sunday afternoon to set up.

To start things out, the JROTC presented the colors while a small ensemble beautifully sang the National Anthem.

Throughout the assembly, the high schoolers were surprisingly attentive and responsive for early Monday morning.


The principal told us afterward that, "Dustin kept over 1,300 students on the edge of their seats throughout the performance and the message was powerful. Students heard the message clearly that they can overcome challenges they face in life and that significance is found less in living for themselves but in living for others."

Many students met Dustin after the UniShow for photos and autographs. Thanks for the great welcome Farmington High!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rehoboth Means Room to Flourish

Rehoboth Christian School in Rehoboth New Mexico is quite a school!  We were warmly welcomed on campus for 2 UniShow events Friday and Saturday, March 10th and 11th.  Even a few stray horses wandering the campus gave us a nod when we drove in.

Friday morning was an all school assembly for 600 students, 85 of whom were bussed in from a school on the Zuni Reservation an hour away.  We had a great time and students responded very enthusiastically.  It was fun to hear students afterward telling us they thought the assembly was going to be lame but they were surprised to find they actually loved it.  Teachers were amazed at how well the show captivated grades K-12 all at the same time.

After the assembly, Dustin shared in 3 middle and high school classes more about how God led him into missions and challenged students to use what God has given them to serve Him starting now.

On Saturday we presented the UniShow in the same gym as the day before.  It was great have the opportunity to share openly about God's love with the community.  It was a special treat to include Josh, a local 9th grader, into the UniShow to wow the crowd with his yoyo act.  It was great to see him demonstrate his skill, but even better to hear him share with the audience how his yoyo-ing is a gift God has given him that he wants to use to share God's love with all those who watch.

Yoyo Josh, Dustin and Mark (who has arranged 16+ events these weeks in AZ, NM, CO and TX).
So many students are not only receiving a great education at RCS, but are learning how much God loves them and has great plans for them.  God has blessed this school since 1903 and it is still truly flourishing in the land.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bringing Hope to the Hopi

It was a privilege to partner with Hutchcraft Ministries for their Jumpstart program in the village of Polacca, Arizona on the Hopi Reservation on March 8th. We had a small but very attentive and enthusiastic audience with a beautiful background of rocky mesas. Even a few local dogs got into the show, literally.

Afterward, organizers told us the UniShow was more than they had anticipated and was just what the students needed to hear, bringing them hope.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Middle School Central

Central Valley Christian Schools in Visalia California began in 1979 with 60 students.  Today it has over 900 students and is going strong, with three schools on one big, well-kept campus on the edge of town.

We had the privilege of sharing the UniShow with the Middle School on February 23rd.  The 300 students were very attentive and well behaved.  Here's a little video clip of the fun that was had:

Sometimes Dustin get's a little turned around.