Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Land of the Eagle - Albania

We had an amazing 4th tour in Albania. It is such a privilege to partner with local Albanian church planters who have a vision to reach their country with the Truth. We had 11 shows with audiences ranging from 30 to 500. Though in 1967 Albania was declared to be 100% atheist, we are now able to be totally open with the Gospel.

God blended our team well. Our team leader came from Turkey and Katie was able to dance with 2 amazing dancers from Brazil as Dustin headlined each show as "kampion bote" (world champion). We had never worked together before but there was an instant bond as we performed together for one purpose.

During one village show in a school courtyard, we overheard a kid run in and ask what was going on. Another kid responded, "It's a Jesus party!" Yes, that's what we like to hear!

One day we drove a beautiful 3 1/2 hours from Tirane to Prrenjas for a performance. We had a large, enthusiastic and captive audience from the minute we started to unload to even after we were packed up and driving away. Dark clouds threatened to douse the show and started to sprinkle towards the beginning. As we prayed and pressed on, the sky opened up above us. The dark clouds surrounded the village on three sides and the program continued without interruption! A local believer has been praying for an outreach to come to this area and said we were an answer to prayer. About 20 people responded to the message this evening!

Dustin had a short bout with stomach issues which led to one show being canceled. But praise God in answer to many prayers, after a rest day he was back on the uni drawing crowds as he rode for God's glory! Thanks for praying with us for God to use all these performances to bring lasting hope to people in Albania.