Friday, October 9, 2009

Unicycling where Thomas walked

We have done 3 shows in and around Diyarbakir in eastern Turkey. There is amazing history here. Doubting Thomas was here. People also believe the Garden of Eden and Noah's ark and tomb are in this neck of the woods.

We are staying right across the alley from Syrian Virgin Mary Catholic Church whose building was a temple before Christ! There is a city wall that totally surrounds the city center, some think it's as old as 3000 BC and is the second longest wall in the world. We took a walk in and along it as we awaited our transportation to Iraq. It was mostly stable and we saw a lady making tomato paste in mass quantities.

During the shows here, the crowds have literally gone wild. Many surveys have been turned in after the events and will aid in follow-up for people interested in learning more about the faith we have shared.

We have another show in Eastern Turkey following our events in Iraq. Thanks for your prayers for our boarder crossings and effective events.


Sinclair Clan said...

Wow! What amazing history. Loved all the pictures! God bless your final weeks of ministry in Iraq and Turkey. Our prayers are with you! MOM

Billy & Jess said...

Hey, is that last picture one of your obstacle courses in your show? Haha.