Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going East in Turkey

After a quick preshow 6 ft. unicycle ride and flyer distribution on the street, we began our show in Antakya (Antioch) at the Orthodox Church. Dustin and Craig, the illusionist, were both able to share a clear and direct Gospel message to several hundred people. Surveys were handed out following the event and many indicated interest in learning more about Jesus!

Next we had a "spontaneous" event in Gaziantep, in partnership with a local church. We hauled 5 unicycles and illusions out to a crowded skate park and soon 500 curious spectators gathered to be entertained. Dustin wowed them with unicycles and Craig with illusions. The police showed up...and helped out with crowd control! We then walked to a nearby plaza, followed by an organized mob. There Dustin shared his testimony and the Gospel while on his 6 ft. uni. We handed out cards with the Gospel and many read them intently. It was a great and surprising response and many heard the truth for the first time.

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